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Need to know how digital business can help you... on any device to any screen.. then we can show you with a solutions demo

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Outdoor Display Applications


We have a unique range of Outdoor Displays & Outdoor Kiosks to solve the most difficult environment or harsh indoor situation. Displays range from a single panel installation to complete multi-display video walls in any environment. Humidity, chemicals, fumes, ice, dust or heat can cause issues for a less robust display.

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Make sure your Digital Signage is meaningful. Make sure you engage with your audience.

We are pro's in Digital Signage - you don't get this good in five minutes. We have been delivering Digital Signage since 2002 .... not all the "experts" in digital signage that have been doing it for 1 year. Don't be conned by pretty pictures....

True professionals in Digital Signage understand not only the forward facing aspect of Digital signage but also the technical side, and what works.

Don't be a slave to pretty pictures- make sure your digital signage system is automated & engages with your audience all the time.

At Communitech we have worked with companies around Australia, large and small and can help you navigate the maze that is Digital Signage.

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Todays Digital Business needs to engage at all levels. From the factory to the retail environment, digital has become the way to do business.

How to integrate all that big data, and display it so it becoming meaningful. Well the connected enterprise can do that.. the digital business is more now than every before.

Using digital signage from Communitech teams can share data at its source, retail can bring images direct from marketing & employees can be up to date via digital noticeboards.

Using Apps within software the sharing of knowledge RSS, Outlook Calendar, weather, news, measurements, Excel spreadsheet data, webpages, images & video - & much more can be easily integrated & shared across the organisation through the visual platform - a virtual layer.

Need to know how its done, then we can show you how... Contact Us Today!


Benefits of Digital Signage


To survive in todays business world, companies need to communicate better and engage with internal & external customers. Digital signage can do this! Digital signage done well is a powerful visual communication mediumFind out why!

Don't fall for the trap and think that digital signage is just about delivering pictures/video on screens. It is far far more. Find out about why companies invest in Omnivex Software;

  • Content in real-time not days later
  • Drop and drag interfacefind out
  • No graphics skills needed>
  • Complete network systemfind out
  • Link data at its source, no re-typingsee how
  • Eliminate work on the back-end by creating intelligent content
  • Engage with employees, fans, customers with real-time info
  • Include live TV, weather and news, including RSS feeds
  • Control touch screenshow
  • Link with Outlook Calendars for meeting rooms
  • Data driven Wayfinding and directions
  • Get real-time location metrics with GPS Link
  • Screen saver mode
  • Almost all screens and sizes
  • Emergency messages and emergency lockdowns in a flash over the network

Not sure how Omnivex Digital Signage works, or need a demonstration of the software, then call our friendly team for alive demo.


5Our Blog


Our team consistently provides Tips & Hints - Also some examples of "what not to do" - Digital Signage is not rocket science, but you do need a strategy & ultimately a required outcome to do it. Don't fall into traps & get our handy hints... hey you could learn something?

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Success Story- Blackmores


Blackmores Bondi Junction - digital signage by Communitech. Pictures & success story demonstrate power of digital signage to engage with customers and deliver business success. see more

blackmores wellness centre

>>Check out the pics & success story


16Big Data & Visual Communications


Link data & automate - so your digital signage is working for you. Find out more

bigdata & visual communications linking

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Digital Signage Gallery


Below is a photo gallery of our recent digital signage projects. See for yourself how others have used digital signage to change their Visual Communications strategy.

University Digital Signage Retail Digital Signage Video Wall Digital signage for syncing of video to all displays

Hotel Digital SignageTrain & Bus Digital SignageDigital MenuBoardsManufacturing


Check our Location Gallery, which shows our installs over the years here

Communitech Consulting Services

At Communitech we specialise in digital signage. It's what we do... its in our DNA. Not sure, then call our friendly team to talk about your digital signage objectivesWe can help!

Communitech has been involved in Digital Signage in Australia and New Zealand since 2002, so we know what we are doing. We have completed many projects, from small to large. Need to know more about our experience then contact us for details on your project needs.

Communitech can help you with all or part of your digital signage project from complete design and project management services to digital signage architecture, installation, training, content, mangement and support. With Communitech you have as much support and technical expertise that you need & the software that is listed at top vendor in Garner report


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